I still remember the day I got my hands on the first Command & Conquer game. It is my first RTS game and introduced a whole new PC gaming experience for me. As technology progressed and gaming evolved, I was sad to see how some of my favorite series head in bizarre direction as they progressed (cough* C&C4 cough*).

Grey Goo is a traditional RTS leaning towards a macro-oriented gameplay in the tradition of Command & Conquer, which is not surprising as members of the team have worked on top sellers such as Command & Conquer, which I think everyone will agree is a classic. Grey Goo is an odd title but it makes sense if you know what the game is about. Grey Goo is a scientific term used for “hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario involving molecular nanotechnology.” For more info visit here ( It’s taken some time, but developer Petroglyph Games are finally filling in the gaps and bringing life to those fictions.


Petroglyph has finally rediscovered the foundation of RTS genre, which made it fun and entertaining. Grey Goo isn’t a revolution by any means, but it wildly exceeds all expectations for presentation and gameplay. It is a return to classic RTS gameplay that demands strategy and tactics over the mindless onslaught of mouse clicks. The Goo itself presents an all-new twist to the RTS world, and any fan of the genre should experience it. Grey Goo is the best RTS title I’ve played in a very long time.

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