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June 2017

6 Free Automation Apps To Automate Tasks On Your Android Phone

Here are a few apps that can assist you in automation of your Android handset, by creating tasks that your device will do automatically.

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7 Best Android Web Browsers

Choosing a browser is a challenge, and to simplify things, we have picked the most streamlined, intuitive, and robust mobile browsers we could find for Android.

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Top 5 Free Android Apps To Hide Your Photos And Videos

Here, we have compiled a list of Top 5 Free Android Apps to Hide Your Photos and Videos. You just need to pick the one that suits you best.

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Top 7 Best Blogging Platforms

Today, we are taking a look at the top blogging platforms out there, and giving you our list of the 7 best and most popular blogging solutions.

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10 Best Alternatives To Evernote

Here we have a list of top 10 Evernote alternatives, and also find out how these solutions are different & significant in your busy life.

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11 Uses Google Keep Note Taking Android App

Here we will see the features of Google Keep and how to use it to make different kinds of notes, including text, lists, images, and audio.

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10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Previous Windows Versions

Today, we will be discussing 10 reasons why Windows 10 is much better than previous versions and why you should upgrade to it.

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Developers Has Earned Over $70 Billion From Apple App Store

Today, Apple announced that since it launched in 2008, developers have earned over $70 billion from the App Store.

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