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July 2017

6 Best Dual SIM Budget Smartphones Under $250

In this article, we have compiled a list of 6 best Dual-SIM Budget Smartphones under $250 that offer many nice features without hurting your wallet.

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10 Best Android Launcher Apps To Customize Your Android Phone

A good launcher can give your Android smartphone a total makeover, and here are 10 Best Android Launcher Apps we think will satisfy users of every type.

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The 5 Best Tablets For Mobile Gaming

To help you pick Tabs for mobile gaming, we have picked some of the 5 Best Gaming Tablets that will satisfy all your gaming needs.

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7 Best Free Music Player Apps For iPhone And iPad

We have compiled this list of 7 Best Music Player Apps For iPhone and iPad for anyone who does not like the default Apple Music app.

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12 Best Education And Learning Apps For iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Here I have compiled a list of 12 Best Education And Learning Apps, which can improve your language, memory, and many skills in different categories.

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New Render Of Galaxy Note 8 Show A Big Top Bezel

A newly leaked image of the Galaxy Note 8 from a Chinese case maker shows a larger top bezel above the phone’s screen.

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Google Introduces New Security Features To Block Unverified Apps

Today, Google is adding another layer on top of this with the launch of a new “unverified app” screen for new web applications and Apps Scripts.

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8 Best WiFi Analyzer And WiFi Scanner Apps For Android

To help you with your WiFi performance we have compiled a list of 8 Best WiFi Analyzer And WiFi Scanner Apps For Android.

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8 Best News Apps For Android

Here are the 8 Best News Apps For Android that will help you stay organized, stay in the loop, and find the news you want.

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