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August 2016

Opera Sync Accounts Are Compromised In Recent Data Breach

Opera Software, the company behind the popular Opera web browser has reported a server breach that happened a couple of days ago.

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Gamer Town USA: The Best Cities For Video Gamers

Here are a few U.S. cities for video gamers to live in that have justly earned the title of gamer’s paradise.

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Even After Opting-Out WhatsApp Still Shares Information With Facebook For “Other Purposes”

Opting out the new terms and policy in WhatsApp does not opt people out of the various other data sharing agreements between WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Business Travel Essentials

Here are some helpful travel essentials for business people that will make your trip much more manageable.

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Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault Review

Hexlock is a security and protection app available for Android devices that aims to protect your data by locking your individual apps instead of your whole phone.

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Online Games You Should Be Playing This Summer

We have put together a list of our favourite online games to help you make the most of your Great British summer.

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4K Resolution is a Trend to Watch

To help you understand the 4K Ultra High Resolution hype, we have jotted down the details of 4K video format and its real benefits for image usability.

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