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August 2015

Flurry Of Filings Irks Judge In Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit

U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh on Thursday barred Apple and Samsung from filing any more motions, briefs, or letters with the court without permission. This order came after the court and the judge were overwhelmed by a series of motions, objections and letters filed by both Samsung and Apple.

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New iPhone 6S Leak Reveals Front FaceTime Camera And Force Touch Hardware

A series of high-resolution images of iPhone 6S was leaked that shows new features coming to the next-generation iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The leaks comes 9to5Mac and a comparison of the front glass between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, indicates that the new devices will sport upgraded front-facing FaceTime camera with bigger sensors.

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Twitter Has Blocked 31 Government Transparency Accounts

Recently, Twitter has blocked 31 government transparency-seeking accounts from accessing its developer API. Twitter says these accounts have archived and made public the deleted tweets of politicians and other people.

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OPPO R5S Is Officially Launched In Europe

Chinese manufacturer Oppo has officially launched the Oppo R5S in Europe. R5S is an upgraded successor to the original super-thin Oppo R5.The new version features the same impressive design and minimal thickness, but with an increase in memory from 2GB to 3GB of RAM, ensuring you will be able to get things done with speed.

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Upcoming Android Smartphones And Tablets May Have Less Google Apps Installed

There are some rumors about Google may stop offering some its apps as default in future Android devices. Sometimes OEMs like to install their own apps and services on their phones, most users find them not useful and consider them a bloatware. While users do not consider Google Apps as bloatware, some of the apps like Google+, Google Play Games, Google Play Books, or the Google Newsstand are not used by many and only takes up the precious storage in your device.

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British Telecomm Carrier “Three” Is Ditching Its All-in-One 15 Plan For Pay As You Go Customers

UK Carrier Three announced that they are effectively ditching their All-in-One 15 Add-on leaving 10, 20, and 25 options as the three plans left for pay as you go customers. Three is planning to stop offering the plan to new customers from August 19 and those who still use it can continue until the plan is finished and will need to switch to another one.

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Apple Watch Owners Complains About Wear And Tear

There are reports about some wear issues in Apple Watch, especially the Space Gray ones. There are posts on Reddit and the Apple Discussion Forums that show both the Apple logo and actual text etched into the back of the watches peeling off.

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Google Photos Latest Feature Will Show Photos & Videos From Past

This week, Google announced via Google+ that they are rolling out a new feature for Google Photos that should help you relive awesome moments from the past.

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New Apple iPhone Ad Highlights Simplicity Of Apple Pay

This week, Apple released a new ad in its “if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” campaign, highlighting Apple Pay touchless payment capabilities on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The ad shows how the iPhone can be used for paying for your groceries, lunch, toys, and more without taking out your wallet in a “faster and simpler” way.

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