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November 2015

Information Security: An Emerging Market

As the number of cyber threats increases, both consumers and businesses are growing more concerned with information security. Here is a look at some of the latest threats facing the web consumers.

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A New Dimension: How 3D Touch Changes Your iOS Experience

The iPhone 6s brings a brand new feature called 3D Touch, which adds a huge degree of flexibility and functionality to iOS. Here are some of the reasons that 3D Touch represents a significant leap for Apple.

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How To Use LG Smart Cleaning

LG has a special utility called “Smart Cleaning” to get rid of the junk and get some free space back, and it is built into your new LG V10 and LG G4 smartphones.

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Two Galaxies Are Found To Be Pulling Each Other Apart

Scientist found two bright spiral galaxies, that are pulling each other apart with their spiral arms fraying into sweeping tidal tails that stretch across the light years.

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Google Buys iOS Video Editing App Developer Fly Labs

On Friday, Google has bought Fly Labs, an iOS video editing app developer, to further bolster their new and revamped Photos App.

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Windows Store Can Finally Detect And Remove Spam Reviews

Today, Microsoft announced that it has added some new improvements to the Windows Store, which will help developers to identify and remove spam reviews.

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Sprint Offers 1 Year Free Amazon Prime Subscription With Samsung Phones

Sprint has announced that they are offering 1-year Amazon Prime subscription for free to customers who buy Samsung smartphones from them.

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Instagram Is Testing Ads That Use 3D Touch And Apple Pay

According to a new report, Instagram has started testing on a new type of ads that will integrate with new iPhone features like 3D Touch and Apple Pay.

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How To Use Split View Mode On Your iPad

Apple has added split screen feature to iOS 9 that allows two apps visible and active, side-by-side, at the same time. Learn how to use split view mode on your iPad.

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