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September 2016

NVidia And Apple May Collaborate On ‘Revolutionary’ New Products

According to a job posting from NVidia we may soon see the company’s graphics card in high-end Macs with dedicated GPUs.

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HP Elite X3 Gets Windows 10 Anniversary Update

A new firmware update is now available for HP Elite X3 that brings the Windows 10 Anniversary update to the smartphone.

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Microsoft Releases Firmware Update For Lumia 550

Microsoft is rolling out a new Windows 10 firmware update for its Lumia 550 smartphones that does not have “Double Tap to Wake” feature.

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LED Lights with UV Produce Plants with More Trichome Formations

In the indoor grow industry, it is believed that LED lights with UV produce plants with more trichomes. Here is how LEDs with UV do that.

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Android Nougat Source Code For Pixel Phones Reveals Dual Partition Setup, Dual Booting, Seamless Custom ROM Updates

Android Nougat source code of Pixel Phones reveals a dual partition setup, which can be use for dual booting and seamless custom ROM updates.

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President Of Samsung Electronics America Addresses Note 7 Recall And Issues A Formal Apology

In a video released today, President & COO of Samsung Electronics America, Tim Baxter, addresses Note 7 voluntary recall and issued a formal apology.

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First Lawsuit Over Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Filed In Florida

According to a recent report, Samsung is facing its first lawsuit against them over the exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets.

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Google Is Currently Testing Option To Queue Play Store Downloads When Wi-Fi Is Available

Google is currently testing a new feature that allows users to queue their downloads when not connected to Wi-Fi.

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The Future Trends In The Entertainment Business

Here are a few of the current technology trends in entertainment business that are about to rock your world.

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