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July 2018

How to Troubleshoot Common Issues of Your Roku Device in a Hassle-Free Way?

In this article we are going to discuss some common issues you will encounter when using Roku devices and how to troubleshoot them.

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Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 with USB Restricted Mode, improvements to Find My Airpods and more

Today, Apple has released the final version of iOS 11.4.1, a minor bugfix release aimed at squashing some lingering bugs in the OS to all iPhone and iPad users.

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HTC records lowest monthly revenue in two years, despite the U12+ launch

It looks like HTC is in trouble as the Taiwanese smartphone maker revealed a 68 percent drop in sales for the month of June.

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Facebook shuts down 3 mobile apps (tbh, Hello, Moves) over low usage

Facebook has announced that it is shutting down three of its least popular mobile apps – Hello (a caller ID tool), tbh (a teen polling app)and Moves (a fitness tracker).

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