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Refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 With LTE is now available purchase

Apple has started selling refurbished Apple Watch series 3 with LTE at a 15 percent discount through its online store in the United States.

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Google adds PayPal support for more Google Apps, no login needed

PayPal is now available as a payment option on all Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, and also peer-to-peer payments.

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Many Apple iPhone X owners are reporting cracked camera lens

Apple support forum is seeing an increased number of reports about cracked camera lens from iPhone X users. Most of the complaints say Apple is refusing to fix their devices under warranty.

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10 best endless-running games for Android

Here are 10 best endless-running games for Android that will keep you entertained and engaged for many hours as you keep “running” to best your previous “highest score”.

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How to block Text Messages on Android

Spam text messages are one of the problems many smartphone users are familiar with. In this article, we are going to cover a number of ways to block unwanted texts on an Android device.

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10 best Video Editor apps for Android

Here is a list of free Video Editor Apps for Android that will help you to tweak your video clips to perfection before uploading them to Social Media.

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Apple reportedly sold an estimated 600,000 HomePod Speakers During Q1 2018

Apple may have shipped about 600,000 HomePods during the first quarter of 2018, and ends up with a 6 percent share of the fledgling smart speaker market.

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Infographic – PayPal’s journey to the biggest online payment system in the world

The prominent success story of PayPal has inspired many start-ups. The following infographic will show PayPal’s success story on becoming world’s largest online payment system.

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Google introduces YouTube Music – a music streaming service; YouTube Red becomes YouTube Premium

Google is revamping YouTube’s subscription model by introducing YouTube Music premium subscription and replacing YouTube Red with $12 per month YouTube Premium.

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